Tips & Useful facts

When you are getting tattooed for the first time it is useful to know that this can have an impact to your body.
It is wise to come to the studio well rested and with a full stomach, your body responds better to stress and possible pain stimuli.

Keep in mind that after the placement of the tattoo, during the healing process you should limit exposure to sunlight and no submerging of tattoo.  You will receive a detailed explanation and aftercare instruction in the studio at the completion of your tattoo.

Exclusively for long distance / International clients we offer a free shuttle service from / to the airport / hotel.  If use of this service is desirable, please first submit the travel details.

Are you looking for a nice, original and especially permanent gift, we also sell gift vouchers!

Gift voucher are available for any amount and can also easily be ordered online through the Needle Art Tattoo web-shop.

Children are allowed in the studio provided that they are calm and quiet.  Please be mindful that a tattoo studio is not a playground but a serious working environment where concentration is absolutely necessary.

Our studio offers the possibility to schedule an appointment via e-mail and to pay the deposit electronically.
In some cases it is necessary to come by for a consultation with one of the artists.

We are of course also in possession of the required 'safe tattooing and piercing' license issued by the LCHV,
National Center for Hygiene and Safety.

Our general terms and conditions apply to all products, deliveries and services which can be found at the bottom of this page.

A few studio rules

All incoming mail is processed by a team of studio managers, so we kindly ask everyone to send earlier email contact or to use the 'reply' button to prevent misunderstandings.

To get tattooed we require a minimum age of 18 years, regardless of legislation and US regulations.
No exceptions, ID required!

A deposit is always requested when making / confirming an appointment.  If multiple sessions are scheduled, the deposit will be deducted from the last session.  Deposits made will not be refunded under any circumstances!
Of course it is possible to reschedule appointments.

If you postpone or cancel an appointment too late, if necessary we ask you to do so within 5 workdays, you can no longer claim your payed deposit.

In case after a 12 month period from the last consultation appointment nothing is heard and no appointment is scheduled, the deposit will be canceled.

If an appointment is planned online, always state the specified reference or customer number when paying the deposit electronically.  Payments without reference will not be recognized and will be reversed.

Gift vouchers have a 6 month expiration and cannot be exchanged for cash.
Only after consulting the studio is it possible to extend the duration by a further 6 months.

Accepted methods of payment, both online and in the studio, are:
Needle Art web-shop, Maestro (pin), Visa (electron), MasterCard, PayPal, Apple pay & Google pay

Thank you for visiting our webpage, we hope to welcome you soon in our studio!